Peak Needles

Blood Cartridge Tattoo Needles

 PEAK Blood Cartridges provide more fluidity while tattooing. All PEAK  Blood Cartridges contain a rubber band that varies in thickness  depending on the needle type, allowing for a more traditional feel and  flow.  

Obsidian Cartridge Grips - Box of 24

 Developed to work in perfect harmony with both PEAK Onyx and Blood  Cartridges, the PEAK Cartridge Grip adds even more stability and  precision control during the tattoo session. The grip is ergonomically  designed to dramatically reduce vibration, allowing the artist to work  comfortably for longer periods. For added convenience, the PEAK  Cartridge Grip is also compatible with other cartridge needle brands. 

Quartz Cartridge Needles with Membrane and Stabilizer - Box of 20

 The Quartz Tattoo Needle Cartridge is distinguished not only by its  smoke color, but its reliable performance to keep tattoo artists at the  forefront of the industry. The Quartz Cartridge features an inner  membrane that provides the ideal tension for a more fluid tattooing  session along with a stabilizer that assures the needle doesn’t move  side to side.